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Become a qualified massage therapist with our intensive hands-on massage training.

Brandon Raynor’s School of Natural Therapies in Brisbane offers 5 day Raynor Massage Certificate Courses10 day Raynor Massage Diploma Courses and Advanced Raynor Massage Diploma courses every two or three months.

Brandon Raynor explains the philosophy and methods of his Raynor Massage Therapy

Raynor massage courses in Brisbane

Brandon Raynor’s School of Massage and Natural Therapies has been teaching our Raynor massage courses in Brisbane since 2000. Over the last 12 years since our humble beginnings in Paddington we have grown to become one of the worlds’ leading cutting edge massage schools holding our massage courses in more than 20 locations all over the world on a regular basis.

Our massage courses in Brisbane have become very well known as an intensive way to learn high quality massage in a time and cost efficient manner. We design our massage courses for mature people who don’t want to spend years of their life at a massage college where they are treated like just another number.

Our massage courses are small and everyone is treated as an individual and our massage is made to suit each individual. We teach people to find tension in the body and identify the cause of that tension. So tension could be in the back but the cause of that tension could be in the feet or the belly. We teach our students to diagnose each person as an individual and to look at how each person can receive a massage treatment that will best suit their needs.

Raynor Massage is a distinct form of massage that has some of its origins in other styles of massage such as remedial massage, Swedish, massage, therapeutic massage, Deep tissue massage and oriental styles of massage such as Shiatsu, Chinese massage, Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage and Hawaiian lomi lomi massage.

As well as this aspects of yoga such as breathwork are combined into this unique massage style.

Massage Courses Brisbane

We teach our massage courses in Brisbane in a 3 part program. Our 5 day intensive massage certificate course is our “nuts and bolts” course designed to give people an introduction to Raynor massage but also to provide the basic framework upon which the next courses will be based. This course is suitable for complete beginners as well as people experienced in other forms of massage.

Our 10 day Massage Diploma course is for people that want to seriously practice massage as a career. This covers all the fundamental aspects of Raynor Massage in more depth as well as gives an introduction to Raynor reflexology and an introduction to the use of essential oils or aromatherapy oils into a massage treatment. We have a student clinic at the end of the last day of course.

For very serious students we have the Advanced practitioners course which is another 5 day course taught by the founder of Raynor massage Brandon Raynor . It covers very advanced aspects of Raynor massage such as deep abdominal massage, adjustments of the neck and spine, moving the chi in the body and deep emotional course where the public may come in for a massage.

We welcome you to look at our website or to find more information out about Raynor Massage you are welcome to look at our international website or to contact one of our course coordinators using our contact us form

Thanks for considering us to administer your massage training needs with one of our massage courses in Brisbane or the Gold Coast or anywhere in one of our worldwide locations.


Why Study Massage With Us?

Brandon Raynor’s massage courses in Brisbane, NSW, Australia and Naturopathy Diploma Correspondence Courses are a fast, very efficient and cost effective way to start a new career as a massage therapist or Naturopath. Our massage therapy school’s short massage courses in Brisbane enable you to get started right away in your new career without wasting a year at a big massage school.

We also offer payment plans to enable you to pay off your course gradually. You can book your place by paying a deposit, if you have not paid off the full cost of your course before you study it, we will send your certificates to you once the payment plan is completed. For more information or a free info kit please contact us.

Our Massage Courses In Brisbane

Massage Training in Brisbane

About Our Brisbane Massage School

Massage Therapy Training Class in BrisbaneBrandon Raynor has been teaching massage courses in Brisbane since 1998, and his massage courses are now being taught all over the world in countries such as the UK, Ireland, Canada, the United StatesNew Zealand and South Africa. Brandon’s massage courses are very hands on, practical and emphasize teaching exactly what you need to be able to do a world class massage treatment in the cutting edge Raynor massage style without filling out the course with filler subjects.

In the end, that’s what’s going to make a breakthrough for you in terms of having a successful career as a massage therapist. It is whether you can do the best massage therapy treatment that a person has ever had that is the most important thing.

Learn massage in Brisbane

Massage Training Brisbane

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Massage Course Testimonial

Words cant describe this course. Its an experience that incorporates and harmonizes the mind, the body and the spirit! I’ll never be the same. Thank You!

Tara Nelson (, Completed Raynor massage course in Brisbane

A brilliant, intensive course with real world application – not just a theoretical course. One can walk out of the 10 day intensive and feel ready to practice competently. Also appreciated the small, practical, high quality range of complementary products you had available for sale.

Jan Backen completed Brisbane massage courses in the Raynor style

Hi Team! I have just completed the 4-day Level 1 massage course in Brisbane (November 02).I knew I wanted to do a massage course but how do I find the right one? Well, I knew I wanted something short and intensive, but did anyone offer this course I was after? After searching the Internet I came across Brandon Raynor’s School of Natural Therapies. After reading everything on this website, it sounded perfect and I enrolled.

I was in a class of 14 students, all anxious and eager to learn. Our teacher was Ray Cooper, who was a great inspiration and very easy to listen to and understand, with a lot of patience. I was the only student in the class who had never had a professional massage, so I was ‘dobbed in’ by one of the other students to volunteer as the ‘guinea pig’. Ray was going to give me a full body massage to demonstrate to the class. I remember coming out in just my briefs with a towel wrapped around me, feeling vulnerable in front of everybody. This was my first deep tissue massage. After Ray finished my massage, we all took a lunch break. I remember feeling very emotional, (which I found out later, that this is normal), so I went for a long walk and rang my fiancée and cried. Don’t get me wrong, at the time I didn’t know what was happening to me but afterwards, I felt a big sense of relief that a lot of burden and stress had just left my body and I felt more Free than ever!

I went back to the class and told Ray and the students what had just happened, I was told this is absolutely normal and can happen with your first deep tissue massage and especially if you are a sensitive person, which I am. This was proof of one of the very powerful benefits that massage can provide. My life has not been the same since. I have found I released a lot of emotional baggage which I may have been carrying around for years, not even realising, and I have a new sense of calmness about me and find that the ‘little things’ don’t seem to bother me like they used to.

This is the most amazing natural experience I have ever had and want to thank Ray Cooper, Brandon Raynor and the rest of the team involved for producing and delivering an amazing course.I highly recommend doing this course, it will change your life! I can’t wait to get established in my own business so I too, can show others the powerful benefits massage has to offer. I can’t wait for Level 2.

Kind regards, Kelly Michelle Smith, Queensland, Australia.”  completed Raynor massage training Brisbane

When I did the massage course in Brisbane last year, I’d had 6 months of severe lower back pain, with a pain level of 8 – 9 out of 10. I’d had Chinese acupressure massage in Cairns and Traditional Thai massage in Bangkok, which only ‘helped’ for 4 – 6 hours. By completing your course, not only did I learn a lot, but my back pain was and is ‘cured’, and I’ve not suffered since.

Chris Hazlehurst – Malta Finished Brisbane massage course

“A brilliant, intensive course with real world application – not just a theoretical course. One can walk out of the 10 day intensive and feel ready to practice competently. Also appreciated the small, practical, high quality range of complementary products you had available for sale.”

Jan Backen completed Raynor massage course in Brisbane February 2005

“Hey there Brandon, I was one of your students last year in December in Hobart. Just want to thank you for your teaching skills that provided me with the job that I was searching for. I work on the biggest cruise ship in the world in the Caribbean, earning huge money and totally enjoying every minute of it, well almost anyway. For the short amount of time that I have been massaging, all American guests can tell me is that it is the best massage they have ever had, so thanx to you 2 for passing the buck!!!!! Where in Tasmania have you settled, when I return in early next year sometime, I want to find you so I can have a decent massage off you and maybe catch up on another course, ciao”

Adam Carswell completed Raynor massage course in Launceston Tasmania (graduated December 2001)

“After completing Brandon Raynor’s Remedial Massage Course, I started my business “Balance your Health”. My main reason for doing the course was to have another modality to compliment my pranic, crystal and reiki healing. My clients are treated totally – mind, body and spirit. My business is growing, as I love connecting with people. Meditation classes introduce my clients to a unique way of helping themselves reduce stress, increase focus and concentration and bringing harmony into their lives. Thank you Brandon for your wonderful teachings and big heart.”

Judy Andrew, completed Raynor massage course in Brisbane

I have to admit that I was very skeptical at first and did not believe that a whole certificate worth of work could be done in 5 days and that it couldn’t possibly change my life like the people whose stories I read in the flyer…but it has!!!”

Ligre Campher graduated Raynor massage course Brisbane May 2003

I learned more about how the body responds to massage with practical teaching in this short massage course than in 2 years at TAFE

Rachael Boyd. (graduated Raynor massage courses in Brisbane November 2002)

It was one of the best investments I ever made! I learned so much in that course and I only did the Certificate Course! I could just imagine how much more I’d learn if I was to do the Advanced Diploma…can’t wait.. Raynor massage is one of the best type of massage I’ve ever received!

Michelle Peret, Raynor massage courses Brisbane

I now feel a skillful massage therapist and I witnessed first hand the emotional outpouring and physical healing from a massage session but I don’t want to recommend this massage course because there will be too many well trained massage therapists practicing!

Graham Arthur, Brisbane Massage Courses graduate

“The teacher maintained a professional demeanor throughout, maintaining discipline and balance, whilst in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. He excelled in his teaching ability and his knowledge was unquestionable and all questions were answered to full satisfaction.”

Amanda Becher, Brisbane Massage Courses graduate

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